Client Meeting

Establish a Basic Understanding


Your Needs and Desires

How do you define your quiet place?  What is your practice? We ask to understand how we may best attune your property.

Before building commences, Rising Star will do an energetic assessment of your land, communicating with the guardians of the land to open up blockages that prevent the Earth energies from being fully expressed.


Understanding the Space

In preparation, we will work with our guides to identify any power spots or vortices that may be present. We also determine if there is trauma in the land that needs to be cleared. The intention is to bring the land back to itself, through harmonizing, unifying, beautifying.

Once this assessment is done, we will open to the best design to accommodate the project. Then we will move forward with measurements and considerations of types of stone and their energetic properties.


Energy Tools!

Above all, Sandstone Rings are one of our energy tools that cleanse, balance and harmonize the space.

Often we sense and work with the existing power points on the land to amplify and enhance the energies. Other times we will create a new energy vortex that will support your journey.


Craftsmanship and Artistry

Once a design is determined, we will meet with you to discuss our findings and proposals. We will provide pricing, discuss scheduling, and agree upon the details.

Depending on the project, we may bring in one of many designers and architects we work with to further develop ideas. Rising Star is connected with a network of craftsmen and artists from around the world to bring larger projects into being.



The Rough becomes the Refined

It is always exciting to get down to it! Chisels, cranes, high-powered water drills, and heavy-duty vehicles are some of the tools of our trade. Rain or shine, snow or sleet. We recharge our bodies and spirits as we go – and have some serious fun along the way.

What sets Rising Star apart from other Stonemasons?

We are not your typical Stonemasons

We work with stone as a living material. The stone we employ is always selected with the utmost care and consideration. The choice of stone is based on its structural qualities, desired color, and purpose. We also meditate upon a stone’s energetic properties and how it may support the goals of the client.

A formal blessing of the site and the materials is performed before our labor begins. This consecration honors the purpose of the stone, clears it of disrespectful or improper energy, and invites the natural radiance of the earth energies to shine forth. Overall, we will cultivate and steward the vision from initial discussions until the last stone is placed.

Our Process. Your Practice Your Needs and Desires.

A Testimonial…
The stone steps you created for me have created a whole new experience entering and leaving our house!

This was really unexpected as I thought I would just enjoy the visual appearance but I love the ‘feel’ of the stones under my feet when I walk on them … so very grounding for me and they almost seem to transmit positive energy with each step. I also like the way you spaced the stones both in the vertical rise and the width of each step. It’s a more natural cadence in walking than regular stairs.

I can’t thank you enough for the whole experience which keeps going on and on.     – Kathy Sherman, Boulder resident