Connecting In

Your Sacred Space

The words ‘spirit’ or ‘sacred’ mean different things to different people.

There are many ways to sense the Divine. The Divine may be called God, or perhaps Life Force – and your experience of it may flow from meditation or yoga or communing with nature.

As you are here now, reading this page, you are likely among a growing number of people exploring the realm of the sacred in your life – an awakening of spirit.  Therefore, you sense that a profound connection to the Divine can come from time spent in stillness within your dedicated sacred space. Enhance your intuitive sensitivity and attunement to your surroundings.

As designers of sacred stone structures and practitioners of meditation and tai chi, John and Zach of Rising Star strike a compelling symmetry between the inspired and the creative – in balance with the rational and practical.

Your Sacred Space

What is the Nature of your Divine Connection?

Are you looking for a quiet respite from the world?

Where do find your greatest peace? Is there a discernable set of circumstances that allow the spaciousness of being to open within you? Sometimes the energy of a space helps you connect directly into source. It is a place you visit for guidance, wisdom, and inspiration.

Do you desire a dedicated space to gather with friends and do ceremony?

Does your work require a space that holds you in a specific vibration?

Perhaps you teach a meditation class and wish to keep the energy of your space in a high vibration. Perhaps you see clients and want to provide a protected and safe space for them to open to healing.

Seeds of Inspiration

A Bench, a Boulder, a Gateway

Sacred spaces can be simple as a stone bench under a favorite tree, a cluster of bo