What is the purpose of Sandstone Rings?

As an Energy Tool to harmonize and balance your Sacred Space


The Energy of a Torus

Each Sandstone Ring anchors a toroidal energy field, a torus, which has a similar shape to the electromagnetic field of the earth. This torus harmonizes the space; it transforms stuck and stagnant energy to bring your chakra system and energy fields into balance.

Our Sandstone Rings are custom made for each situation and each client to meet specific needs. The nature of the torus anchored into each ring is determined by dialogue with the client’s spirit guides and stewards of the property.


Chosen with Consciousness

Sandstone Rings are made in small travel sizes, slightly larger home sizes, and still larger ones to be placed outside.

Our rings are built into the features of our temples. Generally, the larger the ring, the greater the energy but all rings synch with their owner and will grow with you.

Additionally, rings may be purchased separately or included in a temple and sacred space design.


A Double Vortex

The energy anchored into the ring is a double vortex at the center. Simply put, it looks like a doughnut! Your ring is impregnated with intention specific to you. It will not fade and does not need to be re-charged.

The double vortex/torus shape balances and harmonizes the energy in the area in which it is placed. It establishes a more harmonious rhythm around your body and aids in healing.

This type of sandstone is frequently used outside in many applications. It can be immersed in water, as in a fountain. Water features made from stone create very soothing vibrations, wonderful in an entry or garden.