Creating Sacred Space for Spirit

Deepening Presence

There’s a place of stillness that we all have within, a sacred space, where the quiet presence of our being meets the universe. It is from this experience that we can bring spirit into our space, and create a space for our soul.

It is in our bodies, in the present moment, where the energy of the earth and the energy of the cosmos meet. Whether we engage this consciously or not, we carry the seed of this energy and it is from this point that our entire experience flows.

In the same way your body is a temple, the structures, and experience we surround ourselves with can become temples.

Rising Star creates stone temples and sacred spaces that forge an energetic imprint that supports one’s journey on every level.

Space, Spirit,
and Structure

We build

Sacred Spaces

A sacred space is simply a dedicated setting for your inner journey – familiar and comfortable, a place that feels protected from the chaos of the world and everyday life. It is a place where you build upon the energy, creating a stronger vessel, allowing you to slip more easily, more deeply, into your sacred connection.

What makes a temple? Is it the walls that contain a sacred space? Is it the energy that is infused into the structure? Or is it just as the individual defines it?

The definition of a temple that we work with is a place where one (or many) go to connect to their experience of divinity. It may be an area in your home or a quiet place outside in your garden.

Introducing our latest project:

The Cosmic Egg, a Meditation Chamber