Rising Star offers services in three areas:

  • We do energy readings and clearings for properties.

  • We make sandstone ring energy tools.

  • We build sacred spaces and stone temples.

Our energy readings/clearings and sandstone rings can be purchased separately or be included in a larger design and build process when creating a sacred space. Please contact for pricing.

What does the energy reading/clearing consist of?

The successful foundation of any building project is dependent on the harmony between us and the land.

When we do our readings/clearings, we work with our spirit guides to determine if there is any trauma in the land that needs to be cleared. We also identify any power spots or vortices that may be present on your property.

The intention is to open a dialogue between you and the land. We will create a sense of deep peace and stillness that will provide an energetic starting point from which we can build a sacred space. Or to simply relate to the land in a more open and authentic way.

Please visit our blog on energy readings and clearings to learn more.


Energy Tools!

Sandstone rings are important energy tools that cleanse, balance, and harmonize the space. They can be purchased separately for home and garden or be designed and built into your sacred space.

Please see our Sandstone Rings page for more info.

Building Your Sacred Space

Craftsmanship and Artistry